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Lil' Vol

Eleanor continues to be a delight. When she had her weight check on Thursday, she had gained 12 oz in one week! That means she was 9lbs even! At this rate I'm going to have to drink in every bit of her littleness - it'll be gone in a flash! She's two weeks old today. She's still not doing much other than eating, sleeping and pooping... but she's definitely awake more these days but blessedly, she is sleeping well at night. She had her first manicure today so I also feel better about letting her have her hands free. She's taking her first nap in her crib (not in the bassinet in our room). Lot's of firsts all the time. Guess that's what this next year will hold! Here are a few more pics of her and you can see the whole set here.


Wow, she already looks bigger!

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