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Aquarium Trip

Brooke & Anne Marie
Originally uploaded by Allen and Jean.
We went to the aquarium with playgroup a couple weeks ago. It was pretty fun except that every single elementary school in the greater metro area was on a field trip for the morning... OK, maybe that's an exaggeration, but I assure you, the noise and crowds created by these field trips were amazing and a little disconcerting to both the kids and the moms. However, after lunch, the field trips were pretty much packing up and we had quite a bit more leisure space and quiet to look around again. Anne Marie wasn't entirely enthused about staying in her stroller for this portion but I was approaching exhaustion and my joints were just about to refuse to hold/chase/bend to pick her up any more. Check out some other picks here from my friend, Jean's, flickr page.


Glad you're getting to use my photos. :) It was fun hanging out with you guys at the aquarium. I'm so glad we went back through after lunch!

Hey Brooke, I've been trying to find you for years. Sarah (Jones) told me about this site. Email me when you get this. Hope you and Andy are well! Thanks


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