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11 Months Old!

11 Months Old!
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I know I'm getting later and later on taking these pictures but as you will see in the pictures, Daddy is required at these photo shoots now. She's a big girl now and wants to be on the move...

She's doing all sorts of things now that keep amazing us. She's gotten the concept of "more" in her highchair at least. When she's eating and wants more she'll frantically make the sign until I respond.

She's much more dexterous and changes things easily between her hands and points with her tiny little index finger. Peek-a-boo (or "Where's Anne Marie or Mommy") is a favorite game and it's very cute to see her duck behind the couch arm and then pop back up. Another favorite game of ours that seems to fascinate her is the "Mommy's nose, Anne Marie's nose. Mommy's mouth, Anne Marie's mouth..." We play music alot and she'll even start swaying/bouncing a little - hard to really call it dancing but it's darn cute.

She's getting attached to a few loveys, although there isn't one that seems to be a clear winner yet. We have confined the paci to the crib (and long car rides, a few diaper changes, and church nursery - see below). When I get her up, we lean over the crib and she drops all pacis (one for the mouth and a few in the hands) back in. She's gotten really good about it!

We're battling some pretty pronounced separation anxiety and much to my nanny's dismay, she cries when she walks in the door now, although to Laura's credit at least, she cries when anyone comes in the door (other than Andy) thinking that Mom is going to leave. Church nursery is causing quite a bit of turmoil in her little world - even when Daddy sits there with her the whole time. We've had August nursery duty and we've had to switch with the person in her room because she wouldn't calm down. I don't know what well do next week when she'll really be on her own... I am betting our little beeper will be vibrating before the sermon is up!

She's still going to bed very well though, praise the Lord! If she wakes in the middle of the night now (which is fairly rare), she's usually calmed by just holding her for a few minutes and then she's ready to get back down in her crib and sleep. She's started hugging and it instantly liquefies my heart when she puts her head on my shoulder and snuggles in.

All in all, she's amazing and we can hardly believe that we have this utterly marvelous little person in our life!

See her photo shoot here!


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