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First Christmas with Our Angel

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We've had a wonderful Christmas.

We started our holiday with Aunt Paige's wedding. Paige and Larry married Wednesday evening in a beautiful ceremony. Anne Marie was thrilled to be there - as were we!

Grandmomma and Granddaddy Bill have thoroughly enjoyed Anne Marie's visit. We've stayed at their house and had a wonderful time. It's tough for a three month old and her sick mom when we get out of our routine though. Unfortunately I've had a cold but it hasn't slowed me down too much. We played poker at the Lightfoot's house on the 23rd and had a great time visiting - I was accused of losing my competitive edge with childbirth. I think they might be right! ;) I was one of the first people out - I bought back in but then lost that pretty quickly. Oh well.

Christmas Eve came and we got ourselves together and headed up to Emory, VA again for the Hill Family gathering. It was great to see everyone, especially meeting Uncle Kelly for the first time. That evening we came back to Kingsport and went to the Christmas Eve service at Mt. View. It was a very nice service even though Anne Marie and I had to excuse ourselves for the middle of it - dinnertime called. :) Then we had a delightful dinner with just the Dudney kids and Mom and Dad here at Hickory Hill.

Anne Marie had some trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve - I guess I should get used to that - and decided to get up a little early (5:30), so she slept through our gift opening - but that's ok since she would not have really been able to participate anyway. She got all kinds of nice things - exersacuer (which she already really likes), jumpster, toys, books, and some boring but necessary things like baby gates and socks! :) We visited briefly with Gram and Papa and then went to church. Grandmomma got to hold her the whole service - I know she loved that! Later that afternoon we did lunch with the extended Dudney clan and then scooted back up to Emory to see Grandma and Grandaddy Adams and Grandpa and Grandma Hill. That was a lovely visit even if Anne Marie was still reeling from being overwhelmed by the volume of the Dudneys!! :)

Yesterday was spent just relaxing and trying desperately for her to get back into a groove - poor thing doesn't know what to think about all the holiday to-do. We go back to ATL today - sad to go but we've had a wonderful time.

I don't have holiday pictures up yet but will soon. I do have her three month photo shoot and a few others from right before we came up to KPT for Christmas. You can find them here:

Three Month Photo Shoot

Week Before Christmas

I'll get those pics for Christmas up soon - my gift from Andy was a way nice camera - so if you thought she was well documented before - you ain't seen nuthin' yet! ;)

Christmas Love to All -

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