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January 14, 2010

Happy New Year... brrrrrrr

It's been COLD outside! Even though today was beautiful - my car said it was 60 driving home from picking the girls up from school - it's been super cold recently and hardly has been above freezing for a couple of weeks. We even got a dusting of snow down here in the south. Here are a few pictures from our quick trip outside:

As bundled up as we could muster - notice AM's addition of belt bling:

Ready to Go

The snow refused to pack. AM was quite upset not to be able to make a snowman. So throwing snow rather than snowballs had to suffice - and they did indeed enjoy it.

Throwing Snow

And the first thing that Anne Marie did - make an angel (or two):

Angel Anne Marie

Angel Ellie

January 07, 2010

Mom, I forgot something...

I walk Anne Marie into her classroom each morning because Ellie is not old enough for the drop off/pick up line. So we walk in and Anne Marie almost always runs to her classroom while I drop off Ellie. I then follow Anne Marie to drop off her bag and say goodbye. She's already into the morning activity but, as I say "Goodbye, have a great day", looks up and running to me says, "Mom, I forgot something". Then she gives me a giant hug and kiss, turns and runs back to her activity, happy to be at school with her friends. Always the same words. Always the same actions. Always the same unembarrassed love for her mother. I LOVE this stage in her life. It certainly has its ups and downs as she figures out how to be a big girl. But she is an amazing companion these days, eager to join in and help, wanting to question and learn, quick to forgive and laugh, ready to love and be loved.

Ready for the Cold

Catch the Snow


Who's that girl?