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April 19, 2009

Anne Marie's Funny Sayings

So Anne Marie is quite the big girl these days and it's been fun to get to know her as a real, thinking, little being. Here are some of the funny conversations we've had recently:


She talks about the concept of being "big" and "little" alot . She will say she's "such a big girl" in some cases and "I'm still too little" in others. So I asked her if she was "big AND little". She said "sometimes I'm big and sometimes I'm little". She also likes to tell me about what will happen when I "grow little". (I think she's drawing the logical next step for her - if you can "grow bigger" as we tell her she's doing, then Mommy and Daddy can "grow little"). "Mommy, when you grow little you'll sit in a high chair and wear a bib and then you'll sleep in a crib." Another reference was when she was ready for a snack at about 3:30 in the afternoon. "I need some more food I think. I'm starting to grow little. I'm starting to grow little like a baby. Mommy, I'm starting to grow little so I think I need some more food. I want to keep me big." Quite a well prepared argument for a snack. Needless to say, I acquiesced.

We were watching the short film Presto, which is on Wall-E, the other day. She loves the Pixar shorts! She asked me what the magician's name was. I said, "Alec". She said, "Alec. Oh. Good Name." She'll make little pronouncements like this fairly often and it always is accompanied with a huge grin, tilted head, and such a sweet laughing voice while she says it. Another thing she does in this vein is suggest something to do with me such as playing a game and then ask me with the same sweetness "is that a good idea?".

I was swishing my listerine the other day and she asked me something. I kind of tried to indicate the answer without opening my mouth and she asked me if I was pretending to be Curious George, something she likes to do very regularly - especially if she is feeling shy.


When she's playing now, she often calls out "Ladies and Gentlemen" and then continues in her little imaginary world.

She sings alot and enjoys putting new words to songs she knows. I'm sure you all know about her love of movies too. The other day I heard her singing "Diamond in the rough, diamond in the rough, hi ho the dairy oh, diamond in the rough". Too much Aladdin, perhaps? Another favorite of mine is when she hums or makes up words to Beethoven's 9th.

We were getting ready to go out to dinner to meet Andy and I had to change Ellie who was only half dressed and Anne Marie decided that she also needed to change. When I told her she had to take her old dress off to put the new one on, she protested but then gave it a try... after a quick try she got frustrated and yelled out "Mom, it's no use, it's no use!".


Other cute little things:
"I'm a grandma" (with glasses down on her nose)
"I'm such a climber" (sitting on tree at IOP)
"I think it's around here somewhere" (looking all around out the window while I was driving to the chickfila near our house)
"I need something... Mom - I want to dress appropriately" (derived from the book about manners she recently got)
"I was born in a manger. My mommy's name is Mary. My father's name is Joseph. (turning to me) Is your name Mary?" (After some recent bible reading. I think she has been thinking recently that all babies are born in a manger.)

April 18, 2009

Sometimes the best toys aren't toys at all...

... they are strangulation and choking hazards.

These movies were taken a little while ago and I had trouble getting them uploaded, but here they are now. It was too long for one upload so there are two installments.