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August 16, 2008


Shared Room
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After the first disastrous shared-room experience here at home (ended at 3 am with Mommy practically in tears and Ellie back in her own room), last night the girls shared their room very successfully. We'll continue on this path (with E's old bed at the ready - to avoid crazy-mommy-syndrome) and hopefully we'll get all the kinks ironed out soon. I'm really excited to have a guest room back (although E's back-up-bed and Anne Marie's big-girl (read: choking hazard) toys are going to still take up most of the space. Perhaps we'll go ahead and put away the crib and just set up a pack-n-play to save space. We'll (slowly) get it all figured out.

Happy Birthday, Granddaddy!

We love you bunches!

August 07, 2008

She walks!

She walks!
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I'm collecting up alot of things to blog about. I promise. But I wanted to make sure that you all were aware of this little tidbit.

Andy and I work with her in the evening by having her walk between us... she's getting the hang of it and last night took at least 8 little babysteps that were really well balanced. If Anne Marie is near (which, of course, she usually is) Eleanor even will attempt a turn so that she can crash into big sister.