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June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Ra-Ra!

Happy birthday (late) to my beautiful and lovely sister, Laura. She requested some pictures to brighten her day. I hope these do. :)

Before our trip, AM picked up the phrase "working hard". Namely, she told me that she cleaned the house and was working hard. In actuality, we were having our house cleaned and she was eating lunch and watching our wonderful housecleaner, Magda. Here, before I got the camera out, when she was slurping her noodles, she told me she was working hard.

Some Beach Shots:
Ocean Fun

Sand Fun

Here are some pics from at home. These I took of her today. I walked by her with the camera while she was eating lunch (the mark on her forehead was from chocolate chip cookie making earlier in the day). She requested that I take the pictures and so I did. In this order.

Serious Face

Cheese Face

Silly Face

And now our littlest explorer. She full fledged crawling and into everything!

Big Girl

And big smiles:
Two Teeth

Love you, Ra-Ra.

June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day - a little late!

My father asked for pictures of the girls on Father's Day, but we've been so busy chasing after the girls, I've only gotten them up now. So sorry Daddy! Here they are. Happy Father's Day to all you Daddies out there - we love you much!!

Hi Mommy

I found a bird!