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January 26, 2006

Four Month Photo Shoot

Four Months
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After a six day wait - here they are! The cutie herself.

All's well at the Adams house. She's been great, but I think she's starting to teethe. She's been slightly more fussy and wants to be held alot more than usual - but she's still sleeping very well at night, which is about all that matters to us! :) She's such a great baby - we feel so blessed.

Big Happy Birthday to John! We love you! Happy Birthday (one day late) to Mr. Fisher!

Four Month Photo Set


Quick Update

I know I know I'm very very late with Anne Marie's Four Month Photo shoot... which I'm sure you are all waiting for with baited breath! However, I took so many pictures (about 300) that I'm having to sort through them all - also - I've started working again. I'm pretty excited to be going back to work part time, especially now that we have a nanny! Yup, we hired Laura Livingston to help us out and I'm very excited. Today is her first day. I'll be getting those photos to you as soon as I can.


January 18, 2006

Anne Marie is 17 weeks already!?

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Sorry that we haven't posted about the little bit in so long - well, actually, she isn't so little after all! We were at the doctor last week for her four month visit. She weighed in at 16 lb, 2oz!! Her length was 26" inches - the nurse measured her twice to make sure she was right because she was having a hard time believing it! Both measurements are in the 95 percentile - so at least she's proportional! The only thing that's at all worrisome about it is that I have to carry around a 16lb baby and she's going to rapidly outgrow such tools I use such as her infant carseat and front carrier! I guess I'll be building up those muscles in my arms whether I want to or not! She's also making her way into the 6/9month clothes already - I hate that she outgrows so many cute outfits before she hardly has a chance to wear them more than once!

She's also found her thumb - still to just play (she still wants her paci to be soothed) - but I'm wondering how much longer before she might prefer her thumb to her paci. She used to chew on her fist getting her first finger and thumb... but she's now learned how to separate that thumb out on her right hand. She splits her time with it between gnawing on it and sucking it. I think she's beginning to teethe and wouldn't be surprised to see a tooth start it's way out in the next month or so...

All in all she's very healthy and we're all quite happy. I have started adding work hours back in this week. I'll be ramping up this month to average between 20-30 hours a week. We're still looking for a nanny - so any possible leads, please forward them on. I'm looking forward to returning to Altea and my friends and colleagues there, and can't wait until I don't have the burden of searching for childcare!

Andy and I are attempting to return to some physical activity too! Andy is playing goaltimate (similar to ultimate but more fun!) and did quite well this past Sunday for being pretty thoroughly out-of-shape. And I have finally received my jogging stroller and plan to put it to some use very soon - if it stays this beautiful today, Anne Marie will be bundled up right after I get home from work, and we'll give it a test drive! It was pouring out yesterday when I got it so I had to just run around my living room in my excitement, which wasn't very easy but I'm sure would have been pretty funny to observe. :) Let's just hope I keep up the excitement over exercise!

I hope all of you are doing well and wish you all a happy January!

17th Week Photo Set


January 13, 2006

Got Nanny?

Brooke and I are searching for a Nanny to work 20-30 hours a week in our home (Tucker, GA). We are looking to hire someone immediately.

This role doesn't require a great deal of prior experience. It only requires that the person has good character and an interest in childcare. College, H.S. students, and retirees are all encouraged to apply.

Pay will be competitive.

If anyone knows someone who is looking for work and meets the above criteria, please, please, please, send them our way by having them call 678-524-8182 (Me) or 678-852-7734 (Brooke).

Finally (since I don't post often), I want to tell everyone who checks out this site regularly, that I have enjoyed all your feedback and the support it shows for Anne Marie.


January 09, 2006

Anne Marie's Baptism

Anne Marie's Baptism
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Hello all! I hope everyone is doing quite well. We are doing very well here in Atlanta. This past weekend, Anne Marie was baptised. We had many family members who were able to make the trip and we had a great time visiting and eating and visiting and eating. Grandmomma was able to come early to help me with preparations as well as escort me to Birmingham for some dental work. Saturday other family began to arrive and we were all together for dinner that night. It is already neat to see Anne Marie and Sarah Jane interacting... the months and years ahead will hold much fun for our families. The next morning, Anne Marie was baptized during the first service at Intown Community Church. Brunch followed for our crowd at Sweet Melissa's in Downtown Decatur. It was perfect - great food and a private area upstairs to be comfortable in! Couldn't have been better! The rest of the afternoon was spent by Andy, Anne Marie and me just relaxing.

The week is starting out well - Anne Marie has had a great day and has slept well the past two nights (she had been waking several times a night wanting her paci and a hand to hold). I had my first meeting today as I head back to work part-time. My hours will increase over the next couple weeks and I plan to have Anne Marie in Mother's Day Out two days a week when I have office hours. I'll get the rest of my hours from home. I'm very pleased with the arrangement with Altea and look forward to getting back to work.

You can see some new picture sets that I recently uploaded by clicking on the links below.

Baptism Photo Set

Post Christmas Photo Set

Take care,

January 01, 2006

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning
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Christmas Pictures - just a few - there are plenty more since I got a Nikon D50 for Christmas!! I'll have them up as soon as the dust starts to settle. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years!

Hill Christmas Eve

Dudney Christmas

Pic that Ben took earlier today